bringing to digital life things yet to be.
modeling & visualizing design and architecture


We aim to promote visions of spaces in which people thrive.

We believe genuine relationships create imaginative uniqueness.

Our workflow is of a collaborative nature, during which the client provides input along several project milestones:

1. PROJECT KICKOFF – The client provides us the project brief, key specifications such as intended use of media, and any other relevant information that will help us tailor the final results to specific needs.

2. FIRST DRAFT – For the first drafts we deliver initial studies and alternatives for further selection and development. Feedback is exchanged to make sure all requests are met.

3. FINAL DELIVERY – At this point the client is provided with images of final quality, prepared for specific publishing intent. If needed, details are refined in accordance with requests.

We provide drafts in approximately 7 days, with the final delivery on day 14. Please inquire beforehand to secure your project’s booking.


Vibsu was co-founded by childhood friends, Marcel and Brian.

Marcel is an architect, earning a BSc in Science of Architecture from Politecnico di Milano and a MA in Advanced Architecture from IAAC in Barcelona, Spain. He worked at various offices in Spain and Japan. He fell in love with image making while working on film sets, which he frequented since being a kid.

Brian began by studying design at CCA in San Francisco, US, and later forayed into working in the media industry as a photographer and visual artist. Meanwhile he earned a MA in Documentary Filmmaking from the University of Warsaw. His award winning documentary work uses digital technology and new media techniques to share stories.

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